5 Tips For Buying a Home in Mentor, Ohio

Mentor, Ohio offers a lot of unique amenities with its northern border on Lake Erie, and  only a half hour drive from Cleveland. Additionally, Mentor offers a vast park system, beaches, nature preserves, and extensive bike trails…ready to make your move?! Here’s how to buy a home in Mentor, Ohio:

  1. Meet with a loan officer to see if you qualify for a home loan, and how much you qualify for. This will help you set a budget and narrow your search to homes that you can actually afford.
  2. Interview some real estate agents. Real estate agents are free resources for home buyers-so take advantage! A real estate agent can help you with all of the unknowns. Pick an agent that has a successful record of buying homes in Mentor.
  3. Start your housing search. Some of this can be done on your own, but it is most efficient to tell your agent exactly what you’re looking for and let them find homes that meet your needs.
  4. Once you find the home you want, it’s time to make an offer. It is very important to use a real estate agent at this point; s/he will make sure that you are presenting an attractive and reasonable offer and are thus more likely to get the house.
  5. Once you find your home and finalize the loan, it’s time to go to closing. Again, utilize your agent and make sure that all of the correct paperwork has been signed to finalize the home sale and get the keys into your hands.

For more information on living in Mentor, Ohio, click here! 


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