What Should I Expect from my Home Inspection?

Unless you’re a realtor or a home inspector, you might not quite understand what exactly a home inspection is. For instance, what’s included in a home inspection? What does it cover? Is it foolproof? Do I pay for it?  Here is some quick and useful information on home inspections and what to expect of them.

  • Home inspectors look for significant defects in the house, not paint chips or scuffed floors
  • Home inspections are much like checkups; the inspector looks for problems or “symptoms” (such as water damage to ceilings) that could cause further problems down the road
  • Potential problems outlined by the inspector should be further evaluated by experts in that area, such as plumbers or electricians
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact said experts, if necessary
  • Your real estate agent may recommend to you a specific home inspector, but you don’t have to use him or her if you don’t want to.
  • There are generally two types of home inspectors: full disclosure inspectors, who tell you everything that is wrong with the house, and inspectors who aren’t as thorough,  but are less likely to scare the buyer away
  • Both types are certified, and if they are continually recommended, it’s because they are doing their job
  • The buyer pays for a home inspection
  • If you (the buyer) express concern about a leaky faucet, crumbling foundation, etc. and the home inspector chooses not to address it, make sure you write that down. If the home inspector was made aware of the problem and chose not to act, the blame falls on him, but if you don’t document the interaction, the blame falls on you.

Keep in mind that home inspections are not foolproof, and that even experienced inspectors can miss things. Rest assured though, if you hire a well-recommended inspector, he or she should address all of the big potential problems.

To view the original article by Inman News CLICK HERE.


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