Top Three Pet Peeves for Homebuyers

There are a lot of things that annoy homebuyers when they’re searching for a new home. Dirty houses and misleading pictures and information are just some of the big ones that turn homebuyers off to your home. Here are the top three pet peeves for homebuyers, and the top three things that sellers should avoid:

1. Misleading Pictures. Using Photoshop and/or stretching pictures to make rooms look bigger are unacceptable ways of listing your home. Whatever you are showing in the pictures should be accurate and in accordance with what buyers will actually see when they visit your home. Additionally, don’t list your home as “better than new” unless it really is better than new.

2. Useless or Nonexistent Pictures. Unless your beautiful leather couch and antique piano are going to be included in the sale of the home, buyers don’t want to see pictures of them. What’s worse than useless pictures, is having none at all; take 10-30 accurate, useful photos of your property, or else you’ll turn buyers off to your house.

3. Hiding Problems. Obvious problems in your home, such as water damage or an unstable foundation, should be disclosed in your listing. If you don’t disclose these issues beforehand, you’re going to have a lot of issues with showing your home to buyers who won’t be interested, as opposed to finding buyers who will be willing to take on those issues.

For more information on the things homebuyers hate, click here.


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